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Making delicious and accessible Nordic-inspired vegan delicacies.

Our shared fable — Nordic-inspired Vegan treats.

Your story is our story. They intersect, they mix, they join us— We relate through our shared folklore. We are vegans. For whatever reason that might be, we have a culinary passion that’s defined by our values. We’re part of a global revolution that’s shaping the world, our health, our ecosystem, our relationship with the animals. Our appetite and thirst isn’t just carving for great foods, and superb meals, but a hunger for something more. A hunger for an authentic vegan experience that brings us closer to our beliefs and the world at large. Our aim is to open up the dining table to new exotic flavors. We are a proud London business that grasps that the vegan revolution is not confined to the borders of England. It is an international uprising with new savory products from overseas. Organic fares from alluring menus full of fascinating tastes and appetizing flavors. Bursting of spices that speak volumes about a region and its people.

SPIS Vegan passion redefined

In Norway, SPIS means “to eat.” The word is fast, sharp, full of bravado, and, above all, energy. It is a melodic call to arms that screams “enjoy life and savor each bite.” Norwegians are happy people that adore everything, hold their country dear, and squeeze dry every minute of the day. They are, according to the UN, the happiest people in the world — and their foods, culture, and traditions are inherently crafted around this desire to live big. SPIS Vegan means to reproduce those joyous conventions right on your dining room table.

At SPIS Vegan we live to give you an authentic vegan experience with all the zest of a farm-to-table adventure. You’ll find all those favorites that you know, as well, as vogue, toothsome and sumptuous vegan treats, naturally cultivated, from the north — from Norway. A product line of full-flavored delicacies inspired by Norway’s cherished culinary culture and its admired ancient traditions. Items are influenced by the natural splendor of the Fjords, the chill and relaxed atmosphere of the Lofoten Islands, and the urban grandeur of Oslo. Delectable products crafted in nature, perfected by our chefs, and brought to your table. Items are made by our dedicated in-house team.

You’re part of our family

You’ll uncover exclusive offers, special seasonal products, and other appetizing organic vegan goodies at SPIS Vegan, Meanwhile, that’s not all! We’re always on the lookout for innovative products and avant-garde ideas — check with us often or drop us an email at orders@spislondon.com and let us know what you’d like us to incorporate. You too are part of this revolution.

SPIS Vegan products are available through UberEats, Deliveroo in London as well as Nationwide through our website: www.spisvegan.com

Feel the taste of the northern lights and experience the savory character of true vegan Nordic food.

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