The Full SPIS Charcuterie Board - SPIS VEGAN

The Full SPIS Charcuterie Board


“Full SPIS” is the bundle including a large selection of our deli plant-based deli meats, cheese and pantry items.
– 1x Vegan Fjords Salami (Single)
– 1x Vegan Truffle Salami (Single)
– 1x Vegan ‘Brisket’ (Sliced)
– 1x Vegan Smoked Paprika Cheddar
– 1x Vegan Seaweed Cheddar
– 1x Vegan Cream Cheese
– 1x Vegan Truffle Cheddar
– 1x Vegan Aioli
– 1x ‘Unbeetable’ BBQ Sauce
– 1x Caramelized Onions
– 1x Kale Salsa
– 1x Seasonal Pickles



Ingredients & Allergens

For ingredients and allergens please check individual product.




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