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Bring the magic that is SPIS Vegan to your restaurant’s table today.

An authentic Vegan Nordic Experience

Whether you’re a deli, a bistro, a restaurant, or a corner delicatessen you too can give your customers a taste of Norway — attract them to your business with sumptuous Nordic-inspired vegan menus and exotic Viking approved fares.

At SPIS vegan we offer 100% comfort products. Each high in quality and full of distinct flavors. We are fully committed to helping your business cater to an ever-increasing vegan public. One that values your devotion to their ideals and your forward-thinking mindset. All our stocks are created with taste in mind. We curate each dish and each treat before incorporating it into our catalog. We understand our community and appreciate them — only the best when it comes to our customers and your clientele.

We believe in cultivating dynamic relations and personal collaborations — not just transactions. All our customers are cherished and special. Everyone has a name and a story to tell and we’re here to listen. At SPIS vegan there is always someone to help, someone you can reach, someone willing to understand and support you. Your needs are important and our team is always ready to engage.

Sensations that will drive your customers wild

Our products are organic and packed full of aromas and sensory experiences. They crackle and pop, are smooth and coarse, are spicy and subtle, and are full of color and texture. They are crafted to make you love them in the same way we do. Our meals are made to amaze. “Okay” is not in our language, anything below “wow” is considered a failure by our standards.

Pack your cupboards with savory vegan products that are sure to delight your customer and win them over.

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